Gian Marco announces that he tested positive for coronavirus

Gian Marco announces that he tested positive for coronavirus

The Peruvian singer Gian Marco reported this Thursday, December 23, that he tested positive for COVID-19 and that he currently has symptoms related to the omicron variant.

The artist issued a statement on his Instagram account, causing a wave of reactions from his followers who do not stop expressing their concern.

Dear friends, I tested positive for COVID-19 PCR yesterday. Here in the city of Los Angeles, where I reside, cases have increased critically in the last 24 hours“, detailed the interpreter of “I can’t love you”.

Gian Marco generated great concern after detailing that the symptoms he presents are related to the omicron variant, but fortunately he assured that it evolves favorably.

The symptoms I have had are related to the highly contagious omicron variant. I have had joint and body aches that I have never felt before, headache and fever,” he added.

After highlighting the importance of being vaccinated against COVID-19, Gian Marco finally urged citizens to continue taking care of themselves to prevent this infection.

Thanks to being vaccinated, I am reacting favorably to my doctor’s medications and instructions. Take care, get vaccinated, protect yourselves and protect yours. Let’s not lower our guard. A big hug for everyone“, he pointed.

At the beginning of December, the national singer visited Peru as part of his Gian Marco Acústico – National Tour 2021 tour.

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