Alejandro Fernández posed for the first time with his granddaughter Mía

Alejandro Fernández posed for the first time with his granddaughter Mía

Since the unfortunate death of Vicente Fernández, the “Potrillo” has found refuge in his family, mainly in Cayetana and Mía

Alex -son of Alejandro Fernández and América Guinart- surprised his social media followers with a very special painting. It was a tender postcard where El Foaly and Mía appeared publicly together for the first time and, as expected, the image went viral because it is a reflection of the close relationship that the singer maintains with his children and granddaughters of the.

A few hours ago, the 28-year-old singer took to his Instagram account to share the sweet moment he captured during Foaly ‘s recent visit to his home. In the publication you can see father and son sitting on swings sheltered from the sun with a roof. In addition to the obvious resemblance between the two, they wore very similar outfits : jeans and a white shirt.

However, what caught the most attention was that the interpreter of I dedicated myself to losing you appeared carrying Mía in her arms, a baby just two months old, the result of the marriage between Alex Fernández and Alexa Hernández. The beloved grandfather posed for the camera as he fed his granddaughter and enjoyed her company.

“How something so small paints the sky with color”, wrote the happy father in his Instagram post that is about to exceed 50 thousand “likes”.

Since Mía was born -on March 17, 2022-, Alejandro Fernández had not been seen with his granddaughter on social networks, he had only made a couple of publications when he found out that he would become a grandfather for the second time and when he came to this world. Because of this, the photograph shocked his followers, who applauded the beloved grandfather in the comment box.

“Beautiful little thing,” Sandra Echeverría wrote . “And the sky was never as beautiful a color as the day she painted it, was it? Beautiful photo Alex. “How handsome your dad looks when he is with his children and granddaughters.” ” Young grandfather is enjoying his grandchildren.” “My Alex, the best grandfather in the world, that he is tender.” “Mine and her knights.” “ What a beautiful memory they left embodied in that photo”, were some reactions.

Alejandro Fernández has been characterized by maintaining a very close relationship with his family, especially with his children and now his granddaughters. Since the unfortunate death of Charro de Huentitán -December 12, 2021-, the singer has tried to strengthen his bond with his loved ones and found refuge in Cayetana , his first granddaughter, daughter of Camila Fernández and Francisco Barca.

In fact, he has shared endless images with the member of his family who turned one year old on March 14. For that reason, it is expected that in the following months she will build an equally strong bond with little Mia and visit her more frequently.

On the other hand, a few days ago Alex congratulated his wife with a tender message that he posted on his Instagram account on the occasion of their first marriage anniversary. It should be remembered that the couple postponed their religious wedding due to Vicente Fernández’s state of health, so the ceremony could take place in 2022.

“A year of sharing life with you! The first of a lifetime. Happy anniversary love, I love you”, wrote the young singer. “ Congratulations, I love you and thank you for giving me another unique and beautiful treasure! I love you ”, expressed the Foaly in the comment box.


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