The state of Celine Dion’s health has worried her fans and more and more information is becoming known about what is happening to her. The musical icon has the support of her family, in fact her entourage is playing a fundamental role. Claudette Dion, older sister of the legendary artist, has offered new data for the public to understand how the fight against the syndrome of the rigid person, the neurological disorder that Celine suffers.

Claudette Dion has recalled that her sister’s disorder is rare and incurable, which is why she is making a great effort to fight against it. Doctors have assured that the only solution is patience and positivism, hence the singer has not lost her temper. Unfortunately this disease has conditioned her professional career, but her passion for music remains intact. The stiff person syndrome is characterized by very uncomfortable muscle spasms, but they are not enough for Celine Dion to change her essence.

Celine Dion’s sister share health update

The disorder from which the singer suffers has paralyzed her vocal cords, that is why in 2022 she announced her definitive retirement from the stage. However, sources close to her assure that she still loves music and whenever she can, she develops her great passion. However, she makes great efforts and her sister wanted to highlight them so that the public understands the artist’s commitment to her profession.
“It is a disease that we know very little about. There are spasms that are impossible to control. Do you know that people often jump up at night because of a cramp in the leg or calf? It’s a bit like that, but in all muscles,” explained Claudette Dion in Hello! Canada. She also stressed that her relative “is a strong woman” who “is doing everything possible to recover”. Of course, she needs a miracle to get better because her disease has no cure.

The artist’s sister has recalled that for her family music is not a profession, it is a necessity, that’s why Celine is suffering so much. “In our family singing is not only a vocation, but a passion that transcends bodily agony and mental anguish”. The performer suffered a lot when she retired from the stage in 2022, but it was the best decision she could have made.
Claudette Dion acknowledges that her entourage has not given up hope. There is a possibility that in the future scientists will discover a cure for this syndrome. “We cross our fingers that researchers will find a remedy for this horrible disease. We pray for a miracle,” she says in the publication quoted above.
Celine Dion will soon be 55 years old and her sister believes that the time has come for some good news. “Five has always been her lucky number and this year she turns 55, double the number 5. So I’m convinced something miraculous is going to happen. It’s her lucky year.”

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