This is how Céline Dion’s 11-year-old twins are coping with their mother’s tough illness

It was in December 2022 when the artist announced that she had been diagnosed with the syndrome of the rigid person.

Céline Dion is going through one of the most complicated stages of her life because of the disease she suffers from, the syndrome of the rigid person. Since she announced it publicly last December 2022, her whole family has been supporting her in these difficult moments. The singer has felt very supported by her brothers and her three sons, the fruit of her marriage to the late René Angélil, René-Charles, 22, and Eddy and Nelson, the 11-year-old twins. Just a few days ago, her sister Claudette explained where the artist is and how the little ones are coping with the situation, referring to Nelson and Eddy.

Céline Dion’s twin sons have had to adapt to the daily struggle of their mother’s illness: “I think things are going well, otherwise we would know,” said their sister Claudette in an interview for ¡HOLA! Canada. It should be remembered that the interpreter of My Heart Will Go On is the youngest of 14 siblings. Although she is the one who continues to take care of her little ones, she has the extra help of her sister Linda and her husband Alain who are currently living in Las Vegas with the artist. The couple is offering additional support to the children. “They certainly depend on their mother, but they’ve never been away from Linda and Alain, so they feel secure. (This challenge) hasn’t taken a toll on them. They are in good hands, as always. Everything is going well. They are growing up very fast, in front of our eyes!

As the woman said, Las Vegas is “their city” for the boys. That’s where “they have their friends, where they go to school”, even though “we’ve all been together in France, or they’ve gone to Florida from time to time”. He also assured that the Canadian star has the support of millions of fans all over the world: “They love Céline,” he said, “not only for the voice she has, but also for the human being that, for and mother the woman she has become,” thus thanking all the singer’s fans for the fierce support they are giving her.

‘We pray for a miracle’

In addition to explaining how the twins have adapted to the autoimmune neurological disorder that Céline Dion has, Claudette told how her sister is doing. “The situation hasn’t improved,” she candidly expressed her concern. Even so, Céline is doing everything she can to be able to recover: “We are crossing our fingers that researchers will find a remedy for this horrible disease. We are praying for a miracle.

The artist’s sister has confessed that the family can do “little” to “support her and ease her pain”. Even so, Claudette has always shown her optimism and her hope to see Céline Dion on stage again, especially in this significant 2023 when she turned 55 years old. According to her sister, “five has always been her lucky number, and this year she turns 55, double the number 5,” she revealed. “I’m convinced that something miraculous is going to happen; it’s his lucky year,” she said optimistically.

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