Claudia Stinialopoulos's friends try to get her away from Ernesto de Hannover

Claudia Stinialopoulos’s friends try to get her away from Ernesto de Hannover

After the strong discussion between the two, they recommend that you break any contact with such a conflictive man

The strong discussion between Ernesto de Hannover and Claudia Stilianopoulos on a Madrid terrace, they showed the daughter of the late Pitita Ridruejo the true personality of the controversial prince, still the legal husband of Carolina de Monaco.

The scandalous street show in front of everyone, has led Claudia’s friends, who, given the disturbing background of the aristocrat, recommend his, for the moment, girlfriend, to break any contact with such a troubled man.

Ernesto wants to settle in Madrid, here, in the luxurious urbanization of Puerta de Hierro, live his youngest son, Christian, his daughter-in-law, the Peruvian Sassa de Osma, and the couple’s children. In fact, the prince has been seen looking for a house in that same urbanization.

But Ernesto’s conflictive character means that he does not consider himself an exemplary neighbor. We only have to go to the newspaper library to see that Hannover attracts all kinds of scandals very easily. Arrogant, haughty, even aggressive, he is difficult to deal with.

If Claudia manages to “tame” him it would be a complete miracle.

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