The secret of the ‘Ayuso omelette’ that triumphs in Madrid: “spicy and with lots of eggs”

The secret of the ‘Ayuso omelette’ that triumphs in Madrid: “spicy and with lots of eggs”

“Eating is a necessity, knowing how to eat is an art”. This is the doctrine of Ciriaco House as well attested in one of the pictures on its walls. The legendary Madrid restaurant with traditional cuisine is known for its chicken in pepitoria or its Madrid-style tripe, among many other specialties, and now also for its’omelette Ayuso.

And the person responsible for the viralization of this peculiar dish is none other than its own protagonist, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

The president of the Community of Madrid, who is a regular customer of the restaurant, has published on her Instagram account the letter in which it appears that there is an omelette with her last name, and quickly this story it has gone viral. “Instagram has skyrocketed, it has done us a great favor”, they assure from the restaurant.

But what is the secret of the ‘Ayuso omelette’? Which is the recipe? Carlos Figueroa, the manager of Casa Ciriaco, tells LA RAZÓN that it is a Betanzos-style tortilla, little curd, with blood sausage from Burgos, garlic and piparras, and “with a pinch of spicy paprika on top, in the form of stripes, which gives the sensation that it forms the flag of Spain”.

Thanks to the yellow color of the eggs and the red color of this condiment. A recipe “focused on Spain”.

The objective that this appetizing recipe bears the surname of the president of the Community of Madrid is none other than to honor “the effort he made in a pandemic for not closing the hotel business”, according to the head of room.

For what they were looking for in this dish “something with lots of eggs and spicy at the same time, a strong dish, like her, with character”. And it is that despite declaring himself “apolitical”, Carlos Figueroa confesses that he feels a “small weakness” for Ayuso: “he deserves it and a lot”.

“She is a regular customer, we bring Sol food almost every day and we wanted to wink.”

Although the ‘Ayuso omelette’ is not a new dish, since it has been on the menu for several months and the president was aware of its existence, it was yesterday for the first time that she decided to try such an exquisite delicacy.

He said it was spectacular “, says the manager, who reveals that other political parties that usually go to eat at the restaurant have already asked about this dish. And it is that in addition to being a nice gesture towards politics, from now on it is also one of the dishes most demanded by the clientele of this traditional eating house.

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