Claudia Álvarez commented that “I swallowed them without remorse because they say that the salt there helps you implantation (myth or reality, I don’t know, but Aldonza Velez told me and I listened.” The diet was accompanied by medications, vitamins and minerals that the doctor prescribed, which he took with great punctuality and discipline.

Claudia Álvarez also took the opportunity to present the “emotional and mental support” she had before and during the embryo transfer: her husband Billy Rovzar.

“He is the person with whom I feel safest being vulnerable and always has the right words to make me feel good and see the beauty of the most complex moments.”

In 2015, Claudia Álvarez bet for the first time on in vitro fertilization, a treatment where the fertilization of the ovum is carried out in a controlled laboratory and later the embryo is inserted into the mother’s body, to become pregnant with Kira, who came to this world in 2018, after “three super hard years” of trying, as revealed in a live on Instagram.

Two years later, the actress again embraced this procedure and achieved the pregnancy of her twins, who managed to implant in her uterus in her second attempt at in vitro fertilization.

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