Chiquis Rivera showed it almost everything with mesh stockings. she also went to the ground with sexy moves and made her fans sweat on Instagram

The Queen Bee, Chiquis Rivera, broke Instagram again and this time by leaving her rear in sight with mesh stockings, a very shiny dress and a sexy striptease that she did. To say that she created a stir among her fans is a small adjective for how spectacular Jenni Rivera’s daughter looked.

Another woman, no doubt. This is how the change that Chiquis Rivera has been making for several months can be defined. We already know how hot she is, so it was time for a new photo shoot for her makeup and skincare line BE Flawless Cosmetics. A dress with metallic circles arranged in the form of a net and mesh stockings with the rear almost visible, added to a sensual dance that took her to the ground, were the dish on Queen Bee’s Instagram.

From early hours, Chiquis Rivera showed that she was preparing for a photo shoot. There she was seen with super long extensions in the best style of La Bichota, Karol G. Yes, she got up early as she almost always does. She greeted her “Bees” on Instagram, promoted her events and moved on to the photo shoot where with just the mouth-opener, she put her fans to work.

The night before, she was in one of the places that Chiquis Rivera enjoys the most: the recording studio. Her little brother Johnny Lopez was next to her. The youngest of Jenni Rivera’s children is working very often both with Chiquis in each of her presentations, and with Jacqie Rivera.

Just Jacqie has been doing a job that she has practically spoken for herself. A few months after Rosie Rivera handed over the baton to her niece as executor of Jenni’s company, she got to work. Tributes, special mentions and even a star on the Hollywood Walk at the door has been awarded to the daughter of La Diva de La Banda.

Johnny is soaking it all in and learning up close. Jacqie gave an interview to Leila Cobo from Billboard Latin, in which she talks about all the upcoming projects. Of course there will be a surprise from Jenni at the next awards to be held in Miami.

The five brothers spent the weekend in a house near the sea celebrating Johnny’s birthday. They all posted the good times they were having together. Without a doubt, you can perceive the well-being that they enjoy at this moment in addition to the hard work of each one of them.

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