They filter on social networks what would be the supposed lyrics of the new song by Shakira and Ozuna, which they assure are indirect towards Piqué

The Colombian singer Shakira has taken a big turn since her separation from the soccer player Gerard Piqué, but, although her sentimental life is not the most successful, her musical career continues to reap quite a few triumphs, this 2022 she surprised the audience with the song “I congratulate you ” in collaboration with Raw Alejandro, a song that generated controversy by allegedly being a dedication to her ex-partner and now there are also signs that something new is coming with the singer Ozuna.

The Colombian Shakira and the Puerto Rican have flirted through social networks, there are even those who came to think that a romance was beginning and that Ozuna would be the man with whom the Latin star would heal the wounds left by Gerard Piqué’s infidelity with Clara Chia Martí, his new girlfriend.

The musicians were captured in Barcelona, ​​​​because in that country they performed “Monotonía”, the lyrics that will soon come to light assure that they have hints for Gerard Piqué and although there is nothing confirmed that reveals if it is reality it is a dedication for the former of Shakira, images have already been leaked in which Shakira can be seen holding a heart in her hands and an alleged phrase that is included.

Another of the things for which they have mentioned that the song of the interpreter of “Antología” and the so-called “Negrito clear eyes”, will speak of Shakira’s past love is because the video was recorded in Manresa, Catalonia, Spain, place where the Colombian resides and that she shared with the athlete.

Although for some people the idea that the 45-year-old star will start something with the 30-year-old urban artist seemed fantastic, the truth is that they have not confirmed anything more than a treatment of colleagues and good friends who have a lot of admiration.

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