The singer Chiquis Rivera was so excited to announce who won her Mercedez Benz truck, that she ended up getting into the pool of her mansion.

Chiquis Rivera was announcing that she was going to give away her Mercedes Benz truck through a raffle. The day to announce the winner, because she was a woman and named Silvia Cortez.

Jenni Rivera ‘s daughter was so excited that she ended up getting into the pool with her clothes on in front of all her fans on her Instagram.

Chiquis Rivera herself called the winner of the Mercedes Benz and she couldn’t believe it. For almost two months, the Mexican regional singer was announcing the contest and the car already has a new owner. In addition, the artist gave a whole “eye taco” by wetting her clothes in the pool of her mansion.

Chiquis Rivera is unstoppable with her work. After the success of his book “Invincible” she started all the promotion of “Queen Bee”, her most recent album. The same that is already found even in stores in Mexico. In addition, the video clip is one of the best made by the her team. she reveals her body with transparencies, wears a latex bodysuit and even bathes in honey.

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she is touring various cities in the United States. She was recently in Texas, where she showed up in leggings and a vinyl bodysuit to delight her audience for over an hour. Chiquis Rivera cannot hide that she inherited from her mother giving everything on stage and she did the same.

She repeated the feat with a onesie with holes that exposed all her curves. she is now a star of the social network. She was actually already a consecrated influencer and a curvy model. She is also very modern and comfortable.

Meanwhile, Jacqie Rivera follows the head of Jenni Rivera’s company. It was learned that the singer will have her Star on the Hollywood Walk. So everything seems to be going on this side. Also, she always shares her daily life as a mom in a very funny way.

Jenni Rivera’s brothers, Lupillo Rivera maintains a close relationship with his nephews and is always leaving messages of affection and love for the five of them.


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