On Thursday, October 13, the singer and businesswoman Chiquis Rivera will be on the program “Pinky PromiseTogether with the musician Raymix with the charismatic host Karla Díaz, talking about the new song “55” and also about their private lives, they swear by their pinkies to be honest!

This pink internet space usually has guests every week, conducting interviews about their careers, as well as their private lives, great artists like Ha-Ash, Marco Antonio Regil, Lupillo Rivera, influencers among many others.

Well, the official account of the program and the interpreter of “Between kisses and drinks They announced that the two music celebrities will be honest in the next episode, showing advances that left social network users very intrigued, since they were talking about Jenni Rivera.

The affair that Jenni Rivera experienced with Chiquis Rivera It shocked all of Mexico a lot, because the reason for their separation was invading all the newscasts of the year 2012, without a doubt an event that marked the interpreter of “The honor So he brought it up on the internet show.

The official account of “Pinky Promise” made the invitation in the description of the video:

“This week two luxury guests arrive @chiquis and @raymixmusic filled the Pinky room with great confessions and anecdotes. Don’t miss it! Thursday 7:00 pm YouTube: Pinky Promise TV #SenseiMedia”

But also in the Instagram stories, a small fragment of what will be seen in the interview next Thursday was shared, where it appears Chiquis Rivera talking about a very sensitive issue for her and for the entire Rivera family in general, about Jenni Rivera:

“I don’t regret almost anything, well, one is going to learn, right? But if I could change something, it would definitely be the way my mom left, right?”

Because as we mentioned at the beginning due to some rumors involving the eldest daughter of the diva of the band and the man who was her partner at the time, it was believed that they had been together, so for Jenni that was the biggest betrayal that someone can receive.

And although everything remained a simple rumor, because the American singer quickly came out to defend herself by showing evidence that denies it, but the relationship with her mother was fractured, shortly after the plane crash occurred and she left this world, she was never able to speak with her again.

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