The singer Chiquis Rivera has returned to monopolize the spotlight and this time she went to show off her new figure in her bikini.

The 37-year-old artist has received criticism in the past for allegedly being overweight by entertainment standards. However, for some time she has shown on her social networks the changes that she began to make to improve her health and shape her body. And she now she seems to prove it.

On the social network Instagram, Chiquis Rivera published a photo in a bikini where she shows off her new figure and in which description she stated: “They say…”Thick thighs save lives”, and I agree!” In the picture she was shown wearing an orange bathing suit while she was holding a drink. The post has had more than 144,000 reactions and more than a thousand comments, where many users have highlighted her attractive curves.

Some of the messages that can be read in the publication indicate: “Everything that Lorenzo let go”, “Without Photoshop? I don’t think so”, “Precious. I compare you with Cleopatra, the Goddess of Egypt”, “You look good, girl”, “Is she thin or is it Photoshop, the truth looks very good”, “The world is lucky to have you”, “A goddess”, “You look very thin, how much does the operation you had?, “You look spectacular, pass the recipe.”

A few weeks ago, Chiquis Rivera, who will be present at the 23rd edition of

She admitted without any complex that she has undergone several cosmetic surgeries with the aim of feeling better physically and mentally.

The businesswoman also explained that she underwent a breast operation and liposuction at some point in her life. “In fact, I have done it before (operations). Yes, I like surgeries, so I’m going to tell you no. I have made my breasts; lipo for years, the truth is that you have to be careful with lipo, because if you don’t take care of yourself, we swell… ”, she warned.

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