We have received some interesting and rather curious news related to Call of Duty: Warzone, since it has just been revealed that a player became overly agitated and dislocated his knee in an online game.

As you surely know, this Activision game continues to have tremendous popularity by maintaining millions of active users, who team up to be the last survivors on the map.

It is because of this that each of the gamers puts special dedication to each strategy to be victorious. However, there are times when some things can happen that force them to take courage.

Such is the case of a player known as dannywoz, who was quite upset when his partner screwed things up in a match to such an extent that she dislocated her knee, which was broadcast live.

As you could see, the player asks his teammate to move together towards an opponent to make him a 2v1 and win easily. However, the second gamer ignores the request and the 2 are eliminated.

As you can imagine, this situation caused dannywoz to lose control, get up from his chair and start jumping around claiming his friend, all of this until he suddenly falls down and says that he broke his knee.

According to what can be heard from the video, the player claims that his knee “came out”, indicating that it was a dislocation that can be quite painful, so he decides to end the streaming.

The good news is that this incident was some time ago and now dannywoz is recovered, so by this time we are sure that the player is already enjoying Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 and will think twice before getting upset again when his team ruins the match.

Have you ever been injured by a nerve while playing? Tell us in the comments.

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