The singer Chiquis Rivera excited the spectators who attended a show she offered in Texas, appearing in a tight black jumpsuit that highlighted every inch of her figure

Chiquis Rivera made a presentation a few days ago in Fort Worth, Texas, where she took the opportunity to delight the pupil of the attendees with an outfit that caused a stir.

In some videos that circulate on social networks, you can see Jenni Rivera’s daughter performing some of her most famous songs and living with her fans, taking photos and even drinking directly from a bottle that was offered to her. But what is most striking about the clips is that the singer uses a tight one-piece with openings cut to the navel in black, which highlights every inch of her prominent curves.


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It is worth mentioning that just a few days before, Chiquis Rivera took the opportunity to leave locals and strangers square-eyed by appearing in a short clip showing off the great body that she now maintains after losing several extra pounds. In the material, the interpreter of songs like ‘Abeja Reina’ and ‘Vas a Volver, shamelessly shows off her flat stomach, legs, and prominent rear, wearing an almost invisible dental floss-type thong and a tiny brown top.

In each of her shows, Chiquis always wears sensual outfits. Proof of this were the leather leggings that she donned during a presentation in Austin, Texas, as part of her “Queen Bee” tour.

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