11 arrested under a new law against ‘anarchist protesters’

Dozens of climate change protesters have disrupted traffic at Monday morning rush hour in Sydney, Australia. Despite multiple arrests, the ‘Blockade Australia’ group promised to continue their action throughout the week.

A woman has been arrested after she chained herself to the wheel of her vehicle and blocked the Sydney Harbor Tunnel, police confirmed. At least ten more people were reportedly arrested elsewhere as protesters marched through the city, followed by police.

At one point, an apparently disgruntled motorist was seen trying to get through the blockade, as activists jumped in front of the car. It was unclear if anyone suffered any injuries.

The protest was organized by the group Blockade Australia, which in the past has repeatedly accused Australia of “driving the climate crisis”, and promised to continue with his “week of resistance against climate destruction”.

The same group was behind a five-day blockade of Port Botany, one of Australia’s largest deepwater seaports, in March.

In response, the NSW government passed new legislation, introducing fines of up to $22,000 and up to two years in jail for blocking critical infrastructure, including major roads. The authorities promised that severe penalties will not be applied “legitimate” community demonstrations, but only “anarchist protesters” that threaten major disruptions.

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