Jamie Lee Curtis

The plastic surgery that changed the life of actress Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is known for her successful career in Hollywood and the countless characters she has played in movies such as Freaky Friday , Prom Night , Halloween, and Screem Queens , among many others. While it is true that the actress has led an impeccable career, it is also a reality that has had ups and downs. One of those casualties lasted about 10 years and all because of plastic surgery.

During an interview with Fast Company , the actress revealed that she had plastic surgery performed on her face and that this was the cause of her addiction to Vicodin.

“I tried plastic surgery and it didn’t work. It made me addicted to Vicodin,” she confessed. “The fillers and procedures that are used now, that obsession with them and the things we do to improve our appearance at Zoom, are erasing generations of beauty. Once you experiment with your face, you can no longer fix it.”

In another interview that Curtis conducted a few months ago, he stated that he had had this surgery because of a cruel comment from a cameraman.

“I had plastic surgery because of a cameraman. My eyes were swollen by nature, I was always that kind of person,” the actress said at the time. “One day we were filming a scene, the cameraman said,” I’m not going to film you today, your eyes are too swollen. “

This is how Curtis decided to have surgery on the eye area to improve this condition and it was the medications she received that made her addicted for many years.

“I was addicted to Vicodin and controlled alcohol,” the actress explained to said publication. “I never did it when I was working. I never did drugs before 5pm. I never even took pain pills in the morning. It was something [I did] in the afternoon or at night. [What I felt] was like if I took a bath with lukewarm water. I pursued that feeling for a long time. “

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