Chabeli’s son, “victim” of Tamara Falcó’s styling

Chabeli’s son, “victim” of Tamara Falcó’s styling

Tamara Falco has returned to the gathering of “El Hormiguero”, along with Paul Motorcycles, Cristina Pardo, Nuria Rock and Juan del Val, after a few weeks of absence for Christmas. The presenter wanted to know how her collaborators had spent the holidays and thus opened the dialogue.

You have gone to Miami right? You passed the Covid, you tested negative and you traveled there,” Motos told Falcon, who replied: “We made compulsive purchases, they are not things that we really need”.

It’s one of our routines, but you don’t really go out to buy anything, it’s a family activity that we girls do. The victim this year was my poor nephew who is 18 years old (son of Chabeli Iglesias) and we all told him how he should get ready and dress,” said the collaborator of the program.

We’re taking him shopping because he’s gorgeous. I was bored and thought that all my styling skills could be used on him. I had him a whole afternoon convinced that the best thing he could do was go shopping with me,” kept telling the winner of Masterchef Celebrity.

He tried on a lot of clothes and he didn’t have a great time, he hasn’t done it again. But I think I hit the nail on the head because he put on one of the shirts,” she concluded about her family vacation.

The Marchioness of Griñón spent Christmas Eve with her mother, Isabel Preysler, and all her brothers, in Miami, in the house that Chábeli Iglesias has in Pinecrest, and received 2022 enjoying Playa Palmilla and La Romana in the Dominican Republic with her boyfriend, Iñigo Onieva.

For their part, Nuria Roca and Juan del Val told that they had decided to spend the holidays outside of Spain.

“Nuria and I have been to Turkey and we bought a lot of completely useless things. Well, she bought them. Black pepper has come to be brought, as if there were none in Madrid,” explained the writer between amused and incredulous.

However, Cristina Pardo affirmed that her vacations had been very relaxed since “I continued with my psychopathy against Covid because I haven’t had it. This Christmas I had a very bad time because I had to get to Las Campanadas. Also, half of the people were infected and you couldn’t make plans. I’ve had a really bad time.”

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