After a hearing held on Wednesday, a control judge ordered the preventive detention against Emilio Lozaya and denied the domicile.

Considering it as “a risk of flight” a control judge issued this Wednesday, November 3, preventive detention against Emilio Lozoya, a former official who is accused of the crimes of bribery, money laundering and criminal association.

Emilio Lozoya stayed in jail and his process will take place in the North Prison, the control judge Artemio Zúñiga, assured in a hearing that the former director of Pemex will be given all possible security, since in the adaptation center He will stay with other people he reported.

At the end of the hearing, elements of the National Guard detained Emilio Lozoya to transfer them to the North Prison, it should be noted that the former official and his lawyer tried to negotiate the house arrest, which was denied by the control judge.

Lozoya eating in a fancy restaurant

 During the hearing on Wednesday, they spoke about the controversy in which Emilio Lozoya was involved a few days ago when he was caught having breakfast in a luxurious restaurant in Mexico City, before this situation the control judge declared that it was a lack of respect .

“They are an absolute lack of respect and a provocation to the authorities. They have been interpreted as a biased performance of the authority and send a message that there is a differentiated justice. It is not acceptable, ”said the judge.

“The photos of the defendant (Lozoya) widely disseminated in the media where with little procedural modesty he is seen chatting in a luxury restaurant. This proves that he has the support of people who can help him escape ”, affirmed the prosecutors present at the hearing.

For the sect occasion, Emilio Lozoya and his lawyer have requested an extension before the judge, who asked the FGR to attend to all the necessary evidence, and for this Wednesday an extension of 60 days was sought to obtain evidence and the judge gave them gave 30, until next December 3.

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