Diego Arrabal challenges Kiko Hernández and finds the alleged relative of Antonio David

Diego Arrabal challenges Kiko Hernández and finds the alleged relative of Antonio David

The paparazzi says he has found the person who unleashed a tsunami of comments on social networks

The controversy that was generated days ago from the set of ‘Save me’ when Kiko Hernández traveled to Malaga to speak with an alleged relative of Antonio David still giving a lot to talk about.

The Telecinco magazine hinted that the man from Malaga had been betrayed and that someone very close to him was about to air his secrets before millions of viewers, but Diego Arrabal cast the shadow of doubt about the version broadcast by the program.

The paparazzi began a follow-up in parallel to the hypothetical source, and assured that it was actually a person who had nothing to do with the Flores-Moreno clan.

For his part, Kiko Hernández was proud to have been able to hide the identity of the alleged relative of Antonio David, whom he hid under a blanket so that neither Diego Arrabal nor third parties could find out who he was.

God did not locate her, no matter how much they say they have located her”, sentenced the collaborator in ‘Save me’. However, the paparazzi has dropped on his Instagram account that, thanks to his cunning, he has been able to find that person who supposedly would have betrayed the Flores-Moreno family, although he continues to maintain that he is not a member of the clan, contradicting once again the magazine presented by Jorge Javier Vazquez and Carlota Sliding, among others.

We are just two meters from the supposed family of Antonio David and Olga Moreno,” Diego Arrabal pointed out on his Instagram account. The collaborator of ‘Viva la vida’ has experienced some success on his YouTube channel, where he shares the latest news and information related to the Flores-Moreno family and other matters of the heart.

The photographer assures that tonight he will uncover the whole truth about that alleged source during a live broadcast on the digital platform, and judging by the advances he has published, it seems that he will continue to deny the version of ‘Save me’ and insinuate that it was all a ploy of the program to keep the audience glued to the couch.

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