The iconic Mexican actress and producer Carmen Salinas died this Thursday at the age of 82 after suffering a stroke

Carmen Salinas had a wide acting career for television, her last performance being in the telenovela “My fortune is loving you”; She also participated in more than 100 film productions and was a theatrical businesswoman, the actress also marked controversy with her passage in Mexican politics where she served as a deputy affiliated with the Institutional Revolutionary Party ( PRI ).

Hours before her death, Gustavo Briones , the actress’s nephew, reported that her grandmother suffered a stroke that caused Salinas to faint on Wednesday night and was taken to an emergency hospital in Mexico City.

Her loss shocked the artistic environment and in general, colleagues, friends and followers who asked for the actress when she was still alive, fired her and gave their condolences to her relatives.

With more than 60 years of artistic career, Carmen Salinas was one of the most beloved and acclaimed interpreters in Mexico.

Born on October 5, 1939 in Torreón , Coahuila , Carmen Salinas Lozano began her career as an artist since the 1950s. In 1964 she received her first big break on the small screen, when the film and television director Ernesto Alonso gave her First roles in productions such as La frontera , Sublime redención , El chofer or La vecdad.

‘Carmelita’, as she was known, was also tested in the theatrical mecca, where she was even recognized by critics for her performance in the play Learning to be a Lady . Other of her most outstanding performances were in Each person her life and Vine, I saw and I better left .

Her consolidation came when she went from theater and television to cinema, there, she began a close relationship with the public that identified with her thanks to her performances in roles that reflected common situations of people in large cities or provinces.

In those same years (1970-1980) she had a recognized passage through fichera cinema , a genre that stood out for its eroticism and comedy. She acted alongside the most remembered actresses of the time, including: Sasha Montenegro, Lyn May, Angélica Chaín, Ninón Sevilla and Princess Yamal .

Among her most prominent titles in the cinema, Salinas was in films such as Carnival Night, ¡Que viva Tepito !, Cabaret nights, Federal District, A lame step, Sex felt, Beauties at night, Smell of death, Day of deceased , among others.

Salinas was active between film and television, whether in soap operas or movies, managed to stay with important roles. she only stopped his career at the beginning of 1990, when in 1993 her son, Pedro Plascencia Salinas was diagnosed with cancer, a year later he died. Plascencia’s death took the actress away from the show for a time. Her return took place in the play Everybody Her Life , in which she won awards for Best Actress in a Theater between 1994 and 1995, from then on, she did not leave acting again.

Already with a long history full of emblematic titles in Mexico and numerous recognitions, Carmelita took a turn in her career and in 2014 became the ambassador of the National Union of Education Workers ( SNTE ). The following year, she immersed herself in politics and served as a PRI deputy , joining the Chamber of Deputies in the LXIII Legislature.

Apart from her work as a deputy, she did not leave acting, recently she appeared in the soap operas Mi corazón es tuyo (2014-2015), Sueño de amor (2016-), My husband has a family (2018-2019), and My fortune is loving you of 2021, in which she was recording while she lost her life.

Salinas was recognized throughout her life for her contribution to film and television in Mexico, receiving different distinctions either for her years in the medium or for her performances. She was married from 1956 to 1971 with Pedro Plascencia, with whom they had two children, Pedro and María Eugenia Plascencia.

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