Carmen Salinas is originally from Coahuila

Carmen Salinas died this Thursday after she was hospitalized in an emergency on November 11, the first actress went through a difficult health situation in recent weeks that led her to remain in intensive care.

But who was Carmen Salinas ?

She is a Mexican actress and politician , born in Coahuila on October 5, 1939, who made her debut under the direction of Ernesto Alonso in various productions such as: “La barrio”, “La frontera”, “Sublime redención” and “El chofer” .

Carmen Salinas stands out for her participation in the staging of Aventurera . She is one of the most representative figures in Mexico along with Mario Zaragoza, Roberto Sosa and Jesús Ochoa.

In front of the public in the theater, Salinas had her best participation in the play “Learning to be a Lady” for which she obtained the recognition of critics .

Most famous movies of Carmen Salinas

The Coahuila-born actress has also been present in several films , among which “Hombre en llamas” stands out , a film in which she participated with American actor Denzel Washington .

Other productions in which Carmen Salinas has participated are:

  • At a lame pace
  • Long road to Tijuana
  • This night eats Pancho
  • Rancheros eggs
  • Between ficheras walks the Devil
  • Mexican Albures
  • Corruption
  • Smell of death
  • The girl in the pool
  • Mexican you can
  • The race never loses
  • We laugh at the migra

The personal life of Carmen Salinas

Regarding her personal life , Carmen Salinas has stated on several occasions that she only married once, however, it has been marked by tragedy, since her son Pedro Plascencia Salinas lost the battle against cancer .

It has also been embroiled in several controversies for his comments because he spurned the post of deputy who had exercised because “earned very little.” At the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) , Carmen Salinas blamed the community China for the emergence of the virus and said they had what they deserved for “eating kittens and puppies”, later had to apologize.

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