Carla Vigo has debuted in the theater, and has done so hand in hand with Rafael Amargo and her show “Yerma”. The young woman, always the subject of controversy for being the niece of Queen Letizia, is studying Interpretation, so her debut on stage represents a giant step in her training.

It has been the dancer and choreographer Rafael Amargo who has given her this opportunity, revealing, in addition, that the critics have been very good:

“I was not going to allow them to be bad, is a girl who is starting, a character not difficult, vulnerable, everyone has loved it. Man if she opens and they give her five hours with Mario, no, but of course, you have to start a career, she’s 21 years old, she’s fine, she has very nice things, she’s very spontaneous.”

In addition, regarding the possible attendance of Kings Felipe VI and Letizia to the theater, Amargo has assured that they would be very well received:

“She is his aunt, she is very dear and committed, if their majesties the kings have to come, they have come before when not there was the niece, now with more reason”.

He also confirms that a few days ago the young woman was sorry for missing the birthday of her cousin, Leonor:

“The other day was Leonor’s birthday and Carla He couldn’t go because he was working and he said ‘what a shame I can’t be with my cousin’. She is delighted, she is very receptive, it seems that she does not realize it and then she does it”.

Amargo’s intention is to care for and shelter Carla Vigo, so much so that he calls himself “Uncle and godfather” of the young woman who is only 20 years old.

They are excited and have great plans ahead, as has been demonstrated in the performances in Fuente Vaqueros (Granada). There Amargo along with a cast of 12 dancers, actors and musicians have demonstrated their art live, being many the expectations that the businessman has put in the show.

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