The octogenarian actress can hardly walk

The great Italian diva, Sophia Loren, lives her decline secluded in her mansion in Geneva (Switzerland) without attending practically any public event.

The 87-year-old actress left her compatriots astonished when, accompanied by her son Edoardo Ponti, she went to collect Donatello’s David for the best performance for “Life Ahead” (2020), the novel that the Frenchman Romain Gary wrote in 1975, a drama about a survivor of the Holocaust who takes care of abandoned children.

With this, it is the third time that Loren has worked under her son’s orders. The first time was in 2013, in “The human voice.”

Fully hunched over, Loren struggled to walk and could barely climb the stairs, to the point where she had to be helped by the presenter.

Her last major public appearance was five months ago at the inauguration in Florence of her first restaurant, Sophia Loren Original Italian Food. Dressed in a white suit jacket, she greeted the many fans who awaited her arrival. On that occasion, she was accompanied by another man due to her visible mobility problems.

The passage of time is making a dent in the winner of two Oscars who lives as far away as possible from the media spotlight and focused on her four grandchildren. Secluded in her mansion in Geneva, she often walks through the gardens of her house and still loves to cook.

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