Carla Signoris : a very successful Italian actress on television but also in the cinema. There are great successes in her filmography. Furthermore, she got married to a famous Italian comedian and actor.

Carla Signoris : private life

Carla Signoris was born on 10 October 1985 in Genoa. After the scientific high school diploma, she enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture but at the same time she continued her passion for acting by enrolling at the Teatro Stabile of Genoa.

The first love that continues to live is undoubtedly the theater but success also and above all comes on television and on the big screen. She still today she is engaged in successful films.

Carla Signoris: husband and children

The actress is married to the comedian and actor Maurizio Crozza. After their marriage in 1991, the two had two sons named Giovanni and Pietro. The boys appeared in 2010 in Crozza Alive in several sketches and in 2018 in Girls’ TV – The States General 1988-2018.

Actress movie

In 1995 she made her film debut in the lead role in the comedian Worse than this. she on TV she plays some secondary roles of a betrayed woman in the miniseries  Mamma per chance  (1997) and in the telefilm Cornetti al honey (1999). The same thing goes for the big screen, where she supports  Fabio Troiano  and  Violante Placido  in  Il Giorno + bello  (2006),  Antonio Albanese in Giorni e Clouds  (2007) and she is in the cast of  Ex  (2009) by Fausto Brizzi.

Other successful films have been in  Happy Family  (2010), by Brizzi in Males against females  (2010) and in the sequel  Femmine against males (2011), and directed by Ferzan Özpetek  in  Fasten your belts (2014). The latest films were: The Laws of Desire (2015) and  Let Yourself Go (2017),  Mister Happiness  (2017),  The Liars Agency and  What the Brain Tells Us  (2019).

In 2022 she is among the protagonists of the Rai Studio Battaglia fiction.  This is the Italian adaptation of the successful BBC legal dramedy “The Split”.

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