Canales Rivera becomes the protagonist again after being accused of a new disloyalty towards his current partner

Channels Rivera is back in the spotlight. After a few months of peace and tranquility in which the collaborator of ‘Save me’ has gone to his job very little, going completely unnoticed, the reality is now quite different. His ‘return’ this Tuesday to the Telecinco program has been quite complicated for him.

After starring in a scandal with the young Cynthia Martínez, who claimed to have had an affair with Rivera, history repeats itself and Canales Rivera’s loyalty is once again questioned.

A girl from Cádiz named Miriam has confirmed to Sálvame that she has had a relationship with the bullfighter, whom, according to her, she met through Instagram:

He told me that my profile had come out in suggestions. I never thought I had a partner. He is very smart. He wrote to me on Instagram, he told me he was married”, this young woman confesses to the program’s editorial staff.

“At no time is he hiding. The first time I met him was at 6 in the afternoon on the seafront in Cádiz. Later he told me that he had a partner and in May we met again. We rolled up. I decided not to meet him again because I am not interested in such a person. I don’t see him as a bad person”, she continued.

Faced with these statements, and far from hiding, Canales Rivera wanted to take a step forward and has acknowledged that he did have an encounter with this girl, but denies having had anything beyond a friendly encounter:

I do not consider that she has had any slip. I stayed one day with her and I don’t have to hide from anything at all. I have not touched this lady a hair. She has had nothing with me. We only spent one day having coffee. I was not going to say any of this but it seems very shameless, disrespectful, in bad taste and everythings he sells is shit. I have not touched this woman and I have not had any relationship with her”, repeated the protagonist by active and passive. Will you be taking a polygraph test soon? Is your defense credible?

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