Halle Bailey on “The Little Mermaid”: “This movie was made with a lot of love”

Halle Bailey on “The Little Mermaid”: “This movie was made with a lot of love”

The actress Halle Bailey  shared a message on her social networks about the end of the recordings of the live-action adaptation of “The little Mermaid“, a film in which she stars.

The 21-year-old posted a lengthy message about how grateful she is for the opportunity and for the help she received from her co-workers, from whom she has learned a lot in this time.

“I feel so grateful to have experienced this movie in all its splendor. It has been the hardest experience to be away from everything and everyone I have known, to feel doubts, loneliness, but also to feel as much freedom and perseverance as I have achieved the end,” commented at the beginning.

“This experience has made me so much stronger than I ever thought. I am so grateful to have such lovely and talented people in the cast.” Added the actress.

In addition, the young woman noted how anxious she is with the premiere of the film of Disney. “I can’t wait for time to speed up for all of you to see this movie because it was made with a lot of love (besides blood, sweat and tears).” She added.

It should be noted that Bailey added to said tape when she was 18 years old and almost 4 years have passed to announce the end of filming.

Bailey was in the middle of the controversy for classist and racist comments where they pointed out that the African-American actress was not the right one to be the “little mermaid”.

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