Hers was the perfect life, with a dazzling career that in a few years had made her rise from modeling to the Olympus of Hollywood movie stars . But her success is not enough for her happiness. Indeed Cameron Diaz, 50 years soon, confirms that behind the smile shown in the room there was a deep pain, an obsession with one’s own image, the fear of not being enough. A suffering that led her to leave everything to devote herself solely to her family.

I was a victim of the objectification of the female body  to which so many women are subjected every day by society. It is difficult not to get trapped and it is even more complicated to look at you and not confront yourself with the beauty parameters that are imposed on us »said the former Charlie’s Angel in an interview with the BBC Michelle Visage’s Rule Breakers podcast.

“Today I’m free again, I don’t care about aesthetics”

So 8 years ago, after the meeting with the musician Benji Madden, the choice came to leave everything. Today she is a wife and happy mother of little Raddix, 2 years old: «In the last eight years I have really freed myself, like a wild animal, finally returned to the state of freedom. The truth is that sitting in front of the dressing room mirror for hours and hours every day as an actress had become a toxic situation for me. ” A choice of freedom that led her to give back value to important things, to put herself and her health back at the center, abandoning her obsession with the physical aspect: “The last thing I think about during the day it’s my physical appearance. “

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