“That is a big problem in the world of domestic abuse or the rape of minors: there are girls who had a lot of confidence and a strong will and they find themselves in situations where they say: ‘My God, am I the victim here? ‘. And it is so shameful and humiliating and demoralizing to be in that position of thinking that you know a lot and then realizing that right now you are being abused, “the artist declared.

This weekend, Billie Eilish surprised her followers and became a trend after she shared images of a photoshoot on her social networks in which she puts aside her loose clothing of shirts, pants and sweatshirts to make way for a much more sensual look.

She posed it for the lens of Elmer Batters, who was inspired by one of the iconic women of 1950s magazines and advertising, Betty Brosmer, and because of this, Eilish is shown in stockings, heels, garter belt and trench coat.

“Don’t make me a role model because you are turned on by me … Showing your body and showing your skin, or not, shouldn’t take away any respect,” he explained.

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