The well-known presenter, visibly upset, has issued a statement through his Instagram account to clarify point by point everything that is being said in recent days

Bertin Osborne has become the center of all eyes for the press of the heart since just a few days ago El Confidencia published exclusively that the manager Joaquín Arespacochaga would have helped the presenter to set up a company structure in tax havens to avoid facing the Tax Agency.

A tax evasion that supposedly took place between 2000 and 2006. The aforementioned media affirms that the Central Court of Instruction number 5 of the National Court has been investigating this plot for five years.

“It was liquidated, I absolutely paid every last cent that they imposed on me as a fine and I am at peace with the Treasury and with society”, clarifies the protagonist through a video posted on his personal Instagram account.

He has taken the opportunity to warn that he will take the appropriate measures for anyone who disseminates information other than what he relates:

“I want to warn all those who distort reality, who do not explain the thing as it really was, that I am up to date on everything, that I will use the legal weapons that assist me to defend the truth a little”, he concludes.

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