The journalist and collaborator does not usually do interviews about her personal life, but this time she has been sincere and has opened her heart by showing the most unknown Patiño

Maria Patiño is not very given to granting exclusives or talking about her personal life beyond what a program like ‘Save me’ entails, with its more than four intense hours a day.

For Patiño, not everything has been a bed of roses until she got to where she is today, and not only on a professional level. Personally, she already recognized at the time that when she was 23 years old she suffered from bulimia:

“It was difficult for me to get out and I did it because I went to an experimental unit for therapy.” In addition, the protagonist assures that “it is a lifelong addiction in which he has not relapsed again.”

Looking back, she wanted to remember the emotional setback that the death of her parents meant for her. In 2014 her mother died, and just three years later, her father. A reality that changed the life of the presenter of ‘Socialité’ forever.

“From my father I have always valued honesty. My mother’s strength was very righteous and temperamental,” she slides.

 “At home we were very different and we argued a lot. My mother was of one political ideology, my father of another. My father was in the military and I have a brother who is a conscientious objector, a believer and an atheist. If you see us, you would be scared, but afterwards we continued having dinner”.

With this anecdote, María Patiño makes it clear that, despite the differences, the union with her parents was the most special.

Regarding her current life, she has lived happily and in love with the Venezuelan actor Ricardo Rodriguez for fifteen years, whom she secretly married in 2019: “I am more in love than the first day and when I see it it still makes me very sick.”

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