The actor showed that his relationship with the attractive Latina has helped him to put his life in a “very happy moment”

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Nicole Holofcener appeared together in the program Despierta America on Univision to promote the film The Last Duel , at which point the couple Jennifer Lopez took advantage to talk about the relationship and showed his skills Spanish for much of the interview .

“Yes, I am very… I am very proud for this film because I think it is a very important story about a woman, very incredible the story with whom nobody has much familiarity and she was an incredible person and we are lucky (sic) to have the opportunity to to bring that story to the people, to the audience and I also had the opportunity to work with those two very great writers and… it’s very good, “said Affleck in the interview he gave to the Latino program.

Later on Matt Damon took the opportunity to comment to Ben and say: “Especially me”, referring to the fact that Affleck was lucky to work with an interpreter.

Later, the protagonist of the most recent Batman and JLo’s partner said that both had the great fortune to collaborate with actress Holofcener.

“I think it is obvious, the story of that woman was the most important, most incredible thing, and also the fact that nobody knows her, at least here in the United States, in French yes, a little famous, and we also had the opportunity to write a complicated story, you think you are watching a normal movie, like everything in the past, where the man is the most important person and the women are second, third and only important in relation to what women need and then we find out how we could (show it) and say oh no, maybe it’s a different story than that, “he explained about the highlights of recording The Last Duel and collaborating with Matt Damon and Nicole Holofcener.

The highlight of his participation in Despierta América was that the interview was mostly in the language of his partner, Ben Affleck has already participated in several interviews in Spanish, however, he commented that he has tried to work in the language since he was with the Latin interpreter JLo.

To conclude, he detailed about his next performance and the challenge of filming with a blonde toupee: “(It was) a wig… (tell them about the director, as always! (sic), he wants to appear in a specific way in his films, so he said ‘that’s how your hair is, I want to have this kind of character for these reasons’, and when you’re working for a teacher, a director as great as he does What is said, “Affleck explained.

It should be remembered that a few days ago the actor revealed that he is in a “very happy moment.” Affleck wrote The Last Duel , which will premiere on October 15, alongside his friend Matt Damon. The actors won an Oscar in 1997 for the screenplay for Good Will Hunting directed by Gus Van Sant.

Through her Instagram account, Jennifer Lopez shared an image in which she appears observing her partner while offering interviews. She appears leaning against a column and with her back, but what the image conveyed was much further.

On the other hand, yesterday the couple stole all the attention on the red carpet of the premiere of The Last Duel that took place at Lincoln Center in New York last Saturday. The Hollywood couple of the moment , who rekindled their romance in May after 17 years apart, were more than just in love for the photographers.

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