Becky G returns to the networks after the controversy of being accused of being “fake Latina”

Becky G returns to the networks after the controversy of being accused of being “fake Latina”

A few days ago a strong controversy was launched against the reggaeton singer of the moment Becky G, where a cosmetic brand accused Trembling the singer’s company to plagiarize ingredients and even some products, which triggered strong comments and criticism against the young artist.

“You are Latina when it suits you”, to be “false Latina”, so the interpreter of “no pajamas”He went out to explain this delicate issue, she did it through a four-page statement, and then she recorded a video on the verge of tears, because she was honest saying that the whole situation seemed very sad and all the hate that had generated towards her person, since they not only accused her of “hanging” on being Latina, but also detracted from her work.

After giving her version of the facts, Araceli Beauty the brand that accused the of Becky G would make a post wanting to clarify things, as well as trying to stop the hatred with which the singer was dealing at that time, since she looked quite bad at the time of recording her statement, she had a good reception from her fans, who supported her.

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So after several complicated days, the beautiful 25-year-old singer returned to social networks with an emotional message, publishing a series of photographs of what she was doing in her absence, revealing that she was very close to nature and taking time for her.

Becky G
Becky G

She headed the post by writing:

“God knew how much I needed to be with family and in nature. I took the time to connect with myself and reflect on the most important things. Before I never took the time because work was my number 1. Today it is a priority for me because I learned that if I’m not well, everything feels a thousand times more difficult.”

She shared an image of how beautiful the sky looked, of her beautiful puppies, of nature, of herself with a beautiful smile drawn on her face for being peaceful and calm, she continued writing:

“Traumas don’t heal in just one day, sometimes it’s a daily battle for the rest of our lives. Breathing deeply, being in silence, reading, and being with good people filled my heart. Grateful for the memories” .

Making it clear that these were difficult days for the singer, however, being connected with the right people and with nature makes her feel better, in the comments section you could read words of support from her entire fan club, at as well as some celebrities who support her.

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