These are the best days to flirt and date, according to science

These are the best days to flirt and date, according to science

Sometimes chemistry is not enough, and according to several studies, factors such as the time and day you decide to meet can make a big difference. Take note.
Sometimes chemistry is not enough, and according to several studies, factors such as the time and day you decide to meet can make a big difference. Take note.

Is there a better day to flirt or have a date ?… Surely you have noticed that you feel especially romantic at a certain time of day. It is not by chance, science has detected the ideal day and time to flirt . Synchronize clock and calendar with your heart (yes, it sounded corny, but tell her that you did that and that it was thanks to that that you met her and it could work for you) and go out and flirt with an advantage in your favor.

Forget hating mondays

Despite the fact that Garfield thinks otherwise and, according to the original comic, the cat hates Mondays —just like the rock group The Boomtown Rats, interpreters of “I Don’t Like Mondays”—, according to a study carried out by Tinder ( here are some tips to have a successful profile in the app) in 2018, the best day to flirtIt is precisely that day: the dreaded Monday. The reasons? His study reveals several reasons, such as that at the beginning of the week we need an ego injection and that someone throw us the wave, it represents a dose of self-love (which makes it easier for us to fall). Also, Mondays are always heavy after a hard day’s work and people get tired of the day (even from home office, it’s hard to go from bed to desk) and they need to talk or vent their sorrows and yes, that creates a breeding ground for an exchange of words that can lead to romance.

The best day for a date

According to a study by the London School of Economics and Political, the best day to have a successful date is Thursday. The reason? That day is when the hormones of men and women are better synchronized, which can lead to sex if the date is prolonged. However, another study based on surveys (and published by the Radio Panamericana website), showed that for 37% of 3,000 couples consulted, the best day for a love date in which romantic situations and flirting can occur, would be Saturday. . 25% opted for Friday. Is this why human beings love weekends?

However, nothing is definitive. If the date goes well, whatever day of the week it is, dare everything. That yes, the experts in those romantic tasks assure that the sunset and the night, display the ideal environment for you to declare yourself and have more success if you try to kiss her or seduce her. Yes, anything goes, but at the end of the day (literally) the night is still our ally.

Always on sunday

But we already said that nothing is written. Much less when it comes to flirting and dating . And, according to another analysis published by the virtual dating service Meetic, the best day to flirt is the first Sunday of each year (get ready, it’s close), which is when there is more activity on their networks than in the whole the season (only comparable to that of February 14). This, by the same logic that Mondays are ideal: people want to start the year with a partner in the picture.

Best time

It is already clear that Mondays or Sundays are fertile ground for romance, and if we take into account the same Tinder study from 2018, the best time for romance or to declare your love is from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.: 00 hours (if it is during August better, according to the study, and this due to factors such as the beginning of summer and many people want to have new love relationships. But let’s not get too demanding either). According to research, Sunday afternoon is also a good day (especially in the afternoon), which is when the same pp has more activity.

The best time for a date in a bar

But if we are talking specifically about dating in a bar , when the absence of the coronavirus allowed it, things change a bit. And it is that according to a study by the University of Washington carried out in 2006, at least before the supremacy of dating apps , if you are in a bar or a club, the chances of flirtingthey increase over time and the later it is, the more chances you have to get someone. This, because when the night begins, the aspirations of both are enormous, and as the hours go by (and they drink more alcohol), people begin to see their possibilities in what is around them and stop being as demanding as at the beginning (in other words, “grab what falls”). You see it? Not because you haven’t hooked up soon is that your opportunities are over, give yourself time.