Actress Aura Cristina Geithner has given a lot to talk about since announcing that she had ventured into the adult content industry on the OnlyFans platform.

Aura Cristina Geithner onlyfan

According to what she told GLM, in an interview last February, it all started when she was dedicated to modeling, since she often had to pose with little clothing and even naked, as she did for ‘SoHo’.

“That of liking, of attracting, of provoking was always present. I like to feel that feeling. It’s like rediscovering and being with that powerful energy that is sexual. That keeps me sexually alive, keeps me wanting and desired, ”she said at the time for this medium.

‘La potra zaina’ has an erotic podcast and sells hundreds of photos wearing costumes and lingerie. However, now it has added a new product to its catalog: used underwear.

The 55-year-old woman revealed that, although there are not many men and women who bet on an acquisition like these, if there is one or another who is interested.

“They are very fine panties, very pretty. I use them, obviously I am very careful and very hygienic, I do not deliver dirty thongs, much less, but they are impregnated with my personal scent, “said Geithner.

Aura Cristina has always been characterized by showing very sensual content on her social networks : dances and photos in underclothes are frequent in her Instagram posts.

According to the interview, in her OnlyFans the actress plays at being “daring and sensual”, in addition, she has many costumes and lingerie.

A new musical path This year, Aura Cristina has dedicated herself to resuming her foray into music, which she had paused since the end of the 90s. In 2022 she has already released two singles: ‘Deceptions’ and ‘Tú me gustas’.

“This is a very important year because I planned to work all my musical part. (I want) to position myself as the goddess of spite. I want to work on that music that I left in the inkwell. I am ready for the stage to give back to this country everything that I am capable of as an artist and as a woman,” Geithner told an interview’.

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