Greeicy Rendón shows how her abdomen is 2 months after giving birth

Greeicy Rendón shows how her abdomen is 2 months after giving birth

The singer Greeicy Rendón showed her 21 million followers on Instagram how her abdomen is currently after two months of giving birth to her son Kai.

The interpreter of ‘Los Consejos’ and her partner, Mike Bahía, became parents in April of this year. Since then, Greeicy has stayed away from social media for a bit. However , this Monday, June 20, she posted a video of her dancing in a bathing suit accompanied by her baby, which left her followers amazed.

Netizens were shocked to see the body she shows off as she has a slender silhouette with a flat abdomen. The recording so far has more than a million likes and several comments praising her body.

Seeing the reaction that unleashed, the woman from Cali commented in her stories that not everything is what it seems, but that she is very judicious to recover the figure she had before.

“For those who are already giving their opinion of this little body. Here I am plunging. I am re-accustoming my body to holding tight. Obviously I still have to work on exercising and eating better But look, the truth is that I still have a little belly, but I squeeze to keep myself used to it”.

Other famous Colombians such as Luisa Fernanda W and Maleja Restrepo were also present in her publication , among others, who commented: “How does one look like this after having a baby” and “beauty”, respectively.

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