Angie Jibaja seems to be turning her life around 180 degrees. This time, the model decided to share with her followers her process to erase her tattoos. According to what she tells herself, she is sorry for having made those marks on her skin, so she decided to remove them from her.

Through your account Instagram, she published a video in which she is seen undergoing treatment to say goodbye to all the tattoos she has on her skin. Even the most daring were the ones she did on her face. In the clip you see Angie lying in the treatment room and little by little with a laser they are erasing the tattoo that she has on her eyebrow. On the other hand, she shows that she has already started to remove the marks that she had on her hands.

“I am erasing my tattoos, I am very happy. This is a start nothing more than a super change. It was the first session,” she noted in the video.

In addition, she wrote on her social network: “Cleaning my body inside and out. Goodbye tattoos. I should never get these tattoos, blessings love “. As expected, various netizens congratulated him on her decision because they assure that it is a great step to turn her life around.

“What a good decision. Blessings, Angie”, “Congratulations, precious. Very good decision”, “I congratulate you, Angie. You are beautiful without tattoos”, “You are very beautiful, you do not have to do things at home, nor your body”, “How beautiful Angie”, “You are beautiful, with or without tattoos”, commented some of her followers. Angie Jibaja She is away from television. One of her last appearances was in April of this year on the Magaly Medina program, where both starred in a heated exchange of words live.

In this conversation, Medina and Jibaja They talked about the drug relapses that the model had and that this was the main reason why she could not spend time with her children, who are in the custody of her father, Jean Paul Santa María. In April of this year, Angie Jibaja made a mea culpa for her attitude towards Urraca, however, she was sad because her children distanced herself from her. On the other hand, she assured that she was not using drugs, but confessed that in the middle of her treatment she had a relapse four months before this statement. Despite this, she assures that she continues to fight against her vice. In addition, she wanted to continue working in acting, music and modeling in order to return to the artistic environment in Peru.

Currently, almost nothing is known about the model on television, but her reappearance on social networks has surprised her by removing her tattoos. Above all, the fact that she assures that she regrets having done them.

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