Anitta announces that she will visit the operating room for endometriosis

Anitta announces that she is suffering from endometriosis and will have to undergo surgery

Brazilian celebrity Anitta She made it known through the stories section on Instagram that she suffers from endometriosis and that because of this she will have to undergo surgery in the very near future. She mentioned that she is already “counting down the days” for the operation.

For those who don’t know, the endometriosis It is a gynecological disorder that causes a lot of pain to those who suffer from it, as is the case of the interpreter of ‘Wrap’, due to the appearance of tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus, called the endometrium, outside the uterus. Although each body is different, the side effects are often very uncomfortable.

As reported by Anitta, has been suffering from this disease for 9 years until it has been almost unbearable to live with it. “The pain is so strong that you want to do everything to make it go away,” she confessed on her Twitter profile. She was also explaining the other effects she has had on her body “They can spread to the bladder and cause terrible pain when urinating. There are several treatments, mine will have to be surgery.”

Her fans were concerned and have been wishing him the best, hoping that she will recover soon from the operation. They also questioned her upcoming activities, concerned about the probable cancellation of the remaining four dates of the tour “Euro Summer 2022”.

However, the star did not give the exact date on which it will be operated, so it is not certain that she will cancel any presentation. Although she said that after the operation she will have to rest without making great efforts for a month, there is still a possibility that she will enter the operating room after July 21.

For Anitta It was not easy to find yourself forced to cancel events that were already scheduled, “but it was that or die of pain, not only after the act, but also when I menstruate. We needed to react quickly. 9 years of suffering,” she was recounting on Twitter to way to apologize for the inconvenience.

She also said that during the tour in progress she has felt affected by this issue: “From America to Europe without sleeping because pain speaks louder than anything. One cannot concentrate on a book, a movie, nothing; just search on Google how to solve this shit and it’s unbelievable the lack of information that women have to go through.

Anitta took advantage of the space to ask the medical community to provide more information about the health problems that menstruating people can face, demanding that more basic reproductive health information be provided to people of all ages.

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