Ángela Aguilar talks about the importance of feminism in her life

Ángela Aguilar talks about the importance of feminism in her life

In the year 2020, Ángela Aguilar appeared on stage in the company of Aislinn Derbez and Danna Paola wearing a complete suit that she herself had made and in which we could see the legend “Not one less” in black and red letters. Above it, a closed eye cried blood.

In a country where every day we wake up with 11 murdered sisters, in which the street is a battlefield, when thousands of women were forced to cohabit with their aggressors in the midst of a pandemic, raising our voices is still an act of courage and continues having a monumental relevance; especially when we remember that millions of young women are recognizing in Angela a model to follow.

This year, the world turned purple in a way that had never been seen, as the March 8 march had to take place, in part, virtually. Again we had to choose where to expose our lives, how we should do it, and we agreed to do online activities, to converse, to force those around us to observe us from home. And while all this was happening, the authorities of the country made the decision to wall the monuments and historical buildings of the city, they turned their backs on the movement, the struggle and women, in a violent way the reminder of where the priorities are was launched. of the nation.

But this did not stop the fight; He fed her in the most shocking and vulnerable way. The walls were covered with purple flowers and the names of hundreds of women victims of femicide. Angela manifested herself again from her position by sharing different photographs of the so-called Wall of peace.

“For me, being a feminist goes beyond saying that you are a feminist. You have to make a change with your actions. I have the platform to tell people what we are seeing and living. If I can help in any way, I would love to to be able to do it,”s he says in an interview.

“When I was a child, I could never question why the world was full of men in positions of power, I did not have the ability to understand the system that favored men in all social aspects, nor could I understand why male voices ruled in Mexican regional music.”

Today I see it from the outside, with a greater awareness of my position in the world, of the responsibility that I also have to actively consume music written, sung or produced by women.

Angela, being immersed in the industry,  says that every day she sees the same thing, the Mexican regional is full of men soloists or in bands, while she and Chiquis Rivera are usually the female reference and even when they talk about them, it is based on what they wear or the power of their families.


“I had to be a new wave of Mexican music for young people,” considers Angela, “I encourage women who bring the little worm to start singing in this music, to do so because we need women in the regional”.

The feminist struggle is in constant development, every day we learn something different, we attack another front, we find new sisters, we create new strategies, we raise our voices, we take to the streets, we make our way as partners, we walk together, we applaud courage and talent. of other women, we understood that we are not competition.

Angela takes responsibility by creating safe spaces in the industry for other women. In her new music video, There where they see me, wanted to make it stronger than ever and worked with Damiana Acuna as director, Leslie Montero as a cinematographer, Claudia Toffano as designer of the wedding dress she used, in addition to having women in the production whom she described as spectacular.

For me, it is very important to give roles to women in the industry

Although, in the words of Angela, began her career singing in foreign stages, being the heir to an important artistic dynasty, today she is a round and complete artist, capable of filling rooms, unique, honest to herself and to the public. Today, Angela Aguilar proclaims her own muse.

“I am Mexican and I will always carry my culture with me, I could perform anywhere in the world but I will always have my traditions with different forms and interpretations, until I stop singing I will have this heritage. I enjoy Mexican music and I hope one day to be one of the great singers like Rocio durcal and Lola beltran“, she assures.

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