A new publication in her stories could become the favorite of the followers of the beautiful Russian model Anastasia Kvitko, because her curves look better than ever.

There is no doubt that the networks and transparencies when they go hand in hand they make a perfect combination, especially when it comes to clothing, like the one worn by the flirtatious Russian celebrity in her photograph.

The best of the image that you shared just a few minutes ago since it began with this note, the beautiful Anastasia Kvitko is in a pose that without a doubt more than one of her followers will have made them sigh and react to such beauty and that is that Kvitko was a little inclined.

The famous model, who is also a celebrity in her own country, despite having lived in the United States for years, is looking for something on a small table in front of her, so she had to lean a little, achieving a position that flatters her exuberant silhouette.

Thanks to the image that she published in her stories, it can be seen carefully that she is not wearing anything under this coquettish garment, although she does not mention it, this could be from Fashion Novasince she continually promotes this brand and in almost all her publications we see her referring to it.

To make the Russian Kim Kardashian stand out even more, as the curvy model has been known for years, she was wearing a pair of black strappy sneakers, quite high by the way.

In addition to the fact that the entire piece is completely transparent with a black tone that allows us to appreciate its beautiful skin, on the sides it has two net designs, one with small crossed straps and another one on one side, but smaller, it is the coquettish touch that her followers waited to see.

In addition to the beautiful image, Anastasia Kvitko is referring to the fact that on her OnlyFans page there is a discount for that day, possibly on her photographs or perhaps the subscription to her account, although she did not specify it. Those who have already seen the image were surely excited by the news.

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