Starting October 7, the government of Democrat Gavin Newsom in California will send up to $1,000 to 23 million people, the governor himself announced in what he called the “largest tax refund” in the country.

At least 23 million California residents will receive $1,000 in economic aid from the Government of Democrat Gavin Newsom, to face the high price of gasoline.

This was announced by the governor himself on Twitter.

“Gasoline prices are very high. 23 million Californians will receive up to $1,000 starting TOMORROW,” the governor announced. “This will be the largest tax refund in the country.”

The price of gasoline has increased throughout the country, but California is one of the states with the greatest impact with an average price of $6.42 in the entity.

However, Los Angeles County is one of those facing the most increases, since the price reached $6,467 dollars for a gallon of regular gasoline this week.

The report indicates that regular gasoline also reached an all-time high in Riverside County at $6,331 per gallon, while in Orange the new all-time high was $6,429.

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), domestic demand, in combination with planned and unplanned maintenance of refineries, are some of the reasons for the increase in prices.

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