It seems incredible, but yes. Rich people cry too. And the famous ones. And even child prodigies. She, and we do not frivolize, for the record, it is only the tone of the interview, she suffered despite having everything.

At the age of 12, like her countrywoman Marisol, she already had a National Award for his singing and dancing and his grace to interpret. But, for some classmate from school, that, instead of filling her with pride, filled her with envy and made them have a hard time.

And since what does not kill makes you fat, that life lesson made her hard and persistent with what she was up to: her art. And today she is an international star, “coach” in “Idol Kids” and who knows if representative of Italy in Eurovision. With you, Ana Mena.

I am very excited. It makes me very happy that you liked this song so much.

When you’re not even twelve years old and you’ve already accumulated twelve national awards, doesn’t it go to your head?

I was a girl who always he liked music. For me singing and going on stage was like going out to play. I have always been a very normal girl, with her family, and that has helped me to know that to get things you have to work and sacrifice.

Didn’t the classmates have a bit of a mania for him?

When I was in the last years of school and the first years of high school, I did experience some bullying situation… I understand that it is not easy to assimilate that your classmate is absent from school because she is working, but they made it difficult for me… they were hard years, but in the end everything ends up making you stronger and I came out strengthened.

We met her playing Marisol (another child prodigy). As Neruda used to say, “we from then are still the same” or has it changed a lot?

I have not changed anything. I am still the same person. With the same values. I consider myself a person very simple and familiar. But we all evolve. It is the fruit of growing, without more. My music has changed, it changes every day, my way of seeing the industry, my work… But it is natural. Beyond that, I am a fairly simple person who likes the usual things.

With the image of which classmate did you cover your high school folders?

Not that he lined many folders … But the ones he lined, he lined them with Justin Bieber.

Ana Mena

Ana Mena

Always wanted to be a music / movie / tv star? Tell me about your success strategy.

Since I was little I wanted to dedicate myself to music and interpretation. But it was a «hobby», because I also used to work hard at school and got good grades … I don’t know if I was thinking of having a plan B … But, in the end, you realize that that was my passion. Strategy? None. Work work. And more work.

Tell me about your experience with Omar Montes and Rocco Hunt

He has been partners with whom I have shared songs, I have lived many moments, I have a great time. I’m not going to fool you. They are colleagues and we share the joys that the songs we have made together have given us.

In Italy, he is quite a celebrity. I don’t know if you see yourself living there despite the carbohydrates …

I love carbohydrates. Out there, I would have no problem living in Italy. In fact, I will spend great seasons there alternating them with others here in Spain. In the end, we are next. What more could you want?

When you are an actress, is it difficult for them to believe you or do you always doubt if you are acting?

They believe me. I can’t always be acting …

Confess to me that sometimes you interpret to get what you want … ´

I confess it. I’m not going to lie to you… But I’m a pretty sincere person. I consider myself an honest person. I don’t resort too much to interpretation because people who know me know perfectly well that what I say is true.

That song that didn’t hit anything and kept humming …

I know all the songs on «Pasión de Gavilanes».

Ana Mena

Ana Mena

What would you say to me if I told you that rap and reggaeton are macho…?

It depends on who sings it and who listens to it. Nor should the songs be taken as dogma. They are songs. And you can listen to them because you like the melody or the rhythm …

That unspeakable vice that prohibits itself …

Gastronomically speaking, I don’t like to forbid myself anything. The number one pleasure in life is enjoying eating.

They say that if you want to dedicate yourself to porn, you have to start with the artistic name and that the best is the one obtained by joining the name of your pet with that of your street, what would yours be?

I do not have a pet or a fixed street.

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