Ana Guerra faces and responds to the neighbor who complains about her music

Ana Guerra faces and responds to the neighbor who complains about her music

The singer has spoken to the press about this conflict

Ana Guerra these days has been involved in a controversy as a result of the many hours of rehearsal she spends playing the piano. Although her music may be heavenly for many, the singer has met a neighbor who has publicly complained about listening to her songs at all hours of the day, pointing out that it bothers him to work and sleep.

I love Ana Guerra, I wish her great success, but I want to listen to her whenever I want, not always”, Said Jalal Maher in ‘Save me’.

Ana Guerra kindly agreed to speak with a team from ‘Ya son la ocho’ and began by stating that not the entire community of the building complains, but “only one neighbor”.

In addition, the singer recalled that she already apologized for the noise, an apology that she made public through her social networks, and pointed out that only once did she make the mistake of playing the piano until three in the morning, acknowledging that she was not very right at the time.

“It has not happened again. Who has never lost the pot? And more playing, I study a lot”, defended the Canary Islands.

Ana Guerra was referring to to a note that she posted in the elevator of the building and said:

“Dear neighbors, you are absolutely right in the world and I apologize for the noise caused. I was rehearsing for the OCME and forgot to connect the headphones. I promise you that I am a good neighbor, although sometimes it misleads me. Come whenever you want to have a coffee or a gofio paella. A hug.”

An apology that, unfortunately, does not seem to be worth the more mediatic neighbor of Ana Guerra, who published a video that showed that the singer’s music could be heard at home, yes, being day.

Before judging, try to live, work or just rest while you are at home and there is someone singing like this. Do not judge if you are not living what I live! I don’t want to do any harm, I just think I have the option of not listening to Ana Guerra whenever I want”, pointed out Maher. Will they be able to reach an agreement?

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