América Guinart, ex-wife of Alejandro Fernández, reveals the secret pact they had and that the Mexican singer broke

Alejandro Fernández has not only taken the spotlight for his extraordinary voice, but also for the scandals in his personal life that he has starred in since he was very young.

And it is that the so-called “Potrillo” married only once and it was with the Mexican America Guinart, and it is public knowledge that she is the mother of his three oldest children. However, with a great love ahead, years later they separated and now have a very good relationship. But it was unknown that the former sentimental partner had a pact so that none would attend family events with their respective sentimental partners.

It was América Guinart who broke the silence and spoke about this pact with Alejandro: “We have a very good relationship and everything. It’s been a long time since he asked me not to discuss issues of my couples with him and that’s how he stayed for a long time and that’s how we are. But he already knows my partner, it happened recently, “she revealed to the media.

“He and I had an agreement, which he had requested where in my children’s family events neither he nor I would take a sentimental partner,” America ended up telling, who later said why it was not fulfilled and how it was that Alejandro Fernández broke this deal.

Alejandro Fernández decided to leave this pact with his ex-wife in oblivion and took his girlfriend to family events, according to América Guinart.

“We had kept him that way for many years and, not long ago, a family situation arose and he took his partner to my house. If he missed us all very much and very politely, he was very well received and everything ”


In this way, today it is more than clear that América Guinart and Alejandro have a very good relationship, which they say is that of two mature people who are taking care of their children and that is what is important in addition to the grandchildren they already share. .

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