Amelia Bono She is one of the ‘it girls’ of the moment. José Bono’s daughter has become an icon of style and beauty but, beyond fashion, she is one of the most followed Spanish influencers on ‘Instagram’. Manuel Martos’s ex-wife has captivated everyone with her way of being and daily shares her life with all her followers. One of her charms is her spontaneity and her folksy way of being. Amelia Bono She is very proud of her roots in La Mancha and of being from a village and she does not hesitate to share this facet of her with her legion of fans.

a couple of days ago, Amelia Bono she confessed that her favorite food was sweetbreads, a dish that is not for all tastes. Unlike other influencers, the politician’s daughter has that rural side with which she arouses everyone’s sympathy. It is very common to see her in the countryside and enjoying the life of her town and its festivities together with all her family.

On another occasion, Amelia Bono she has surprised her fans dancing the jota, the regional dance of her native province, with great ease and mastery. The ‘it girl’ does not deny her roots and is proud to be where she comes from. Very few influencers, if not none, have shared such folkloric content with their followers. And it is that Amelia Bono represents the perfect combination between modernity and tradition and is, without a doubt, one of her charms.

Her way of being has captivated everyone and all her movements are followed by the entire press. Her relationship with her ex-husband Manuel Martos is praised by all. Despite having taken different paths, they have continued to have an excellent relationship and continue to enjoy their free time together and with their children. Whenever there is a meeting of the Bono clan, Raphael’s son attends, since he is still one of them. Although there is a rumor of a possible reconciliation between them, at the moment neither of them has spoken and they always avoid answering questions about their relationship. Amelia Bono has earned everyone’s affection for her normality. In the end, beyond being one of the national style references, she is a simple and authentic woman who does not hesitate to dance a jota with her family and eat a plate of gizzards on a Sunday.

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