Consolidating their relationship by leaps and bounds, María Pedraza and Álex González could start 2022 with a new coexistence and love nest. Yes, you hear it! And it is that if we are guided by some of the images that both have shared in their respective social networks, their courtship would go so seriously that the couple would be moving from what will soon become their new home.

A week ago the protagonist of ‘Elite’ published two photographs in which, radiantly, she posed in a bright, completely empty room overlooking a lush and huge hedge. As a title for this mysterious publication, three emoticons: a video camera, a flower and a cardboard box. Symbol of a move?

At the time we did not give it more importance but now, newcomers from a romantic getaway to Baqueira Beret, Álex González has also shared an image of his silhouette reflected in a window at sunset and, which window is it? Well, the same one that Maria shared a few days ago on her own Instagram.

Now the empty room and the cardboard box of the actress take on a new meaning. New year, new life, and together?

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