On the occasion of the arrival of the fourth season of Cobra Kai on Netflix, the SVOD platform has partnered with Fortnite for the time to make a collaboration in the colors of the series.


  • To each his own dojo
  • Cobra-Kai in Fortnite: outfits, but not only

To each his own dojo

After Boba Fett for, the holidays, it’s Cobra Kai which is the subject of a collaboration with Fortnite for the New Year’s Day. It was on the occasion of the release of season 4 of the series, available from today on Netflix, that new outfits were unveiled by Fortnite on its official website:

Each of the ten outfits is available in three different dojo-inspired styles: Cobra Kai, Poisonous Eagle, and Miyagi-Do. Switch up the style in your locker to dress up in the colors of your favorite Cobra Kai dojo!

If there are 10 outfits in total, there are two separate packs: one for women’s outfits priced at 2,000 V-Bucks, and the same for men’s outfits. Each outfit can be purchased individually, for the sum of 800 V-Bucks

Cobra-Kai in Fortnite: outfits, but not only

And as usual, Epic Games does not content itself with integrating skins only for the character. In the shop it is also possible to buy the back accessory Miyagi’s teachings, the back accessory Cobra coin, the deck Logo du dojo the deck Curse of the Cora and the emote Crane technique.

The total pack of these accessories will be your in exchange for 1,500 V-Bucks (against 2,500 usually). If these are the individual accessories you are looking for, count 400 V-Bucks for the accessory Miyagi’s teachings, 300 for the emote, 800 for the two pickaxes and 200 for the Cobra Coin.

The collaboration between Netflix and Fortnite had already leaked during the month of December and therefore turns out to be true. Moreover, this is not the first time that Fortnite has decided to integrate martial arts specialists in its game.

Without being exhaustive, we can think of the characters of Street Fighter Ryu and Chun-Li who had made their arrival in the battle royale via the series Gaming icons alongside Kratos or Tomb Raider.

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