Former coaches agree that Kiyan Prince had a great career in professional football ahead of him. But when he was 15, the popular boy was stabbed to death after defending someone else in an argument. As a souvenir, he will now be immortalized as a player in FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 shows what Prince would have looked like at 30

Prince was considered a huge hope for the next generation in British football, and former coaches emphasized his outstanding talent. He should have received an award for athletic performance shortly after his death. The QPR club he played for later wanted to sign him as a professional.

Prince’s murder: On May 18, 2006, a 16-year-old Prince stabbed in the chest with a knife. The boy was pronounced dead at the hospital two hours later. According to police and friends, he had tried to settle a dispute shortly beforehand. The perpetrator was sentenced to life imprisonment, which in Great Britain usually means 15-20 years in prison. Several knife laws were tightened after Prince’s death.

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of his death, FIFA 21 is now adding Prince to the player roster. He plays for his former club QPR and wears jersey number 30. His player model shows him as a grown man, what he would probably look like had he not died tragically beforehand.

Prince will also be featured on posters as part of a JD Sports campaign. His father, Dr. Mark Prince, according to his own statement, reacted very emotionally to the virtual image of his son. He has high hopes for the campaign:

“I broke down the first time I saw Kiyan’s play-character. I hope that this campaign will finally give the world a glimpse into Kiyan’s incredible potential. We can honor his talent and hopefully inspire other children. Kiyan’s life has been great. He’s always been a blessing, always worked hard and set goals. That’s why other young people should know this young man. He deserves to be in the game. Many of these guys, this generation who play FIFA, they see Kiyan and if that changes the mindset of one of them, then that is a victory.”

Dr. Prince, who used to be a professional sportsman himself, founded the Kiyan Prince Foundation in 2007, which works with young people, educates them about gun crime and shows them how to live a life free of violence.

It is not the only example of developers and gamers using virtual mementos to express their grief for the deceased. When basketball star Kobe Bryant died, there were touching gestures in NBA 2K20.

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