Isabel Pantoja, about to relive her worst nightmare

Isabel Pantoja, about to relive her worst nightmare

Isabel Pantoja face next March 22 with fear. The tonadillera will face that day a new legal appointment in the Criminal Court number 5 of Malaga, where she will declare as a defendant as a “necessary cooperator” of an alleged punishable insolvency crime.

The events for which the singer is being prosecuted date back to 2015, when she liquidated her famous estate “Mi Gitana”, the home she shared with Julián Muñoz, her ex-partner, until Operation Malaya turned her Marbella dream into a real nightmare.

With the sale of the home, owned by Panriver 56 –whose sole administrator is Isabel Pantoja–, a debt that the singer’s company had with the company Codabe SL should have been satisfied. In turn, the latter also had liabilities in favor of Hormofer, who expected to receive his income after the real estate operation.

However, the Prosecutor’s Office accuses the first two companies of having reached an out-of-court settlement that ended up harming the third, which never received its money. This was explained to LA RAZÓN by Juan Luis Alamillo, Hormofer SL’s lawyer:

Isabel Pantoja agreed with the perpetrator of the crime, the lawyer for Codabe SL, to benefit mutually to the detriment of the victim, Hormofer SL, a company that did not collect the money he owed her despite the fact that the courts had indicated the latter as the true creditor of an Isabel Pantoja company, Panriver 56.

Her worst memories

The tonadillera thus faces a sentence three years in prison, a disturbing scene that brings to mind the worst memories of Alcalá de Guadaira. The singer’s legal team is doing everything possible to prevent her client from going through that hell again that she doesn’t even mention.

The latest information suggests that attempts have been made to wield mental health problems in order to postpone as much as possible the court date scheduled for Tuesday.

Beyond her legal strategy, the truth is that Isabel Pantoja’s state of mind is going through her lowest hours. It was her daughter who confessed that suffered from a deep depression and that it remained isolated from the world within the walls of Cantora.

The attacks that her eldest son, Kiko Rivera, publicly dedicated to her from different television sets, added to the numerous economic problems that accumulate, would have taken their toll on an Isabel that she can no longer take.

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