The Queen of Rock from Mexico, Alejandra Guzmán, sent a message about her state of health after being hospitalized in Washington for a fall in full concert: “There is no fracture”

Singer Alejandra Guzmán suffered a fall yesterday on stage while performing at the Kennedy Center in Washington as part of National Hispanic Heritage Month. Given the concern of her fans, the singer herself published a message from her breaking the silence and talking about her state of health.

“Thank you for caring about me and sending me so many blessings. I’m really fine. What happened was that my right hip was dislocated. I have two prostheses and well sometimes it can happen. It had never happened to me, but at the Kennedy Center it happened to me. I want them to stop worrying, to know that I’m fine, that I’m going to my little house soon and that I love them very much and that they’re going to see a lot of rock’n’roll and that there’s no fracture,” said Alejandra Guzmán after being hospitalized for a fall she had in full concert from Washington.

Of course, her fans were calmer and sent her many condolences. Yesterday everyone, including the media, was concerned to see Alejandra Guzmán fall to the ground on her back and not be able to get up.

Immediately, medical personnel removed the singer from the stage and the organizers warned those present that the artist would not return to the stage and that she was being transferred to a nearby hospital. Of course, the concern was collected.

Just a few days before, Alejandra Guzmán was scared again by having to defend herself from a fan who got on stage and touched her improperly. Security immediately intervened but even so, the Mexican yelled at her, she defended herself and even threw a tambourine at him. Fortunately, that time she didn’t get older either.

Over the last few years, Alejandra Guzmán has had other health complications due to a bad reaction to some aesthetic procedures caused by biopolymers. After several interventions, the singer has managed to overcome this bad experience and she is enjoying very good health except for this recent fall. The good thing is that there is Alejandra Guzmán for a while and that is why we leave you the video clip of one of her greatest hits below.

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