The border patrol along with other authorities are in an emergency operation to locate 23 Cuban migrants who were shipwrecked by Hurricane Ian

Agents of the Border Patrol of the United States responded to an emergency call, after a boat with Cuban migrants sank due to inclement weather.

Agents with the support of the Florida Sheriff’s Office, reported through their social networks that they began an operation to locate 23 people who were shipwrecked at sea.

According to information they have provided on their social networks, the boat left Cuba, but they ran into Hurricane Ian.

The boat, which did not have the capacity to withstand the strong waves of the sea, was shipwrecked, but the authorities were able to rescue three Cuban migrants who were trying to swim to land, they were located 2 miles south of Boca Chica.

A few minutes later they found one more migrant who they were also able to rescue alive.

The four were taken to the nearest hospital, as they showed signs of exhaustion from fighting the sea, as well as dehydration.

The border agents will keep informed through their social networks of the operation they implemented for the search and rescue of the 23 Cuban migrants.

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